Moving Seniors

in the Right Direction...

Owner, Pat Cusson

“I founded Senior Transition in 2000, to address seniors who needed assistance, both physically and emotionally, with the realities of their living situation.

“In my 30 years as a Registered Nurse, I saw first hand the difficulties seniors face in their home &endash; the physical challenges of a large home, such as two flights of stairs, a laundry room in the basement and normal day-to-day housecleaning. By moving to a smaller home, like an apartment or assisted living facility, I saw the senior could still remain independent and maintain a good quality of life.

“Moving for a senior however, is often a difficult task, even with family assistance. Senior Transition, helps the family with difficult decisions regarding the dissolution of the larger house and with the setting up of the new home. My vision is to help seniors find the right living situation and then to have the transition to the new home be a smooth one. Senior Transition's mission is to enable seniors to help maintain and manage their new lifestyle.”

Patricia Cusson, RN, President and Founder

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