Senior Transition Stair Lifts

Moving Seniors In The Right Direction
With Independence and Safety.


Seniors living independently and safely.

At Senior Transition, we are dedicated in ‘moving’ seniors around their home. Stair lifts are a safe way for seniors and those with mobility issues, such as disability persons, to live on one’s own in a home with multi-levels.

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Independent Living

Safe, independent living in your own home!

Types Stair Lifts

There are many types of stair lifts to choose from. It all depends on your home and what is most comfortable for you to use. Stair lifts adapt to your life and situation, not the other way around!

About Senior Transition

Senior Transition is dedicated in ‘moving’ seniors around their homes. Let’s get started with a quote to make living in your home more safe…and affordable!

Moving Seniors In The Right Direction