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Stair Lifts and The Benefits For Seniors

If you have been living in your New Haven home much of your life or even if you have plainly relocated to a brand-new residence, then you probably plan to stay here, particularly if you are near your friends and colleagues and family members. According to a research study via AARP, even as they get older, around 90% of elderly people intend to remain in their home or apartments. However, this is actually not as easy as it appears and along with physical well-being declining when one gets older, it becomes increasingly difficult for senior citizens to stay independently, especially if you have stairs in your home that you require to go up regularly.

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Moving Seniors In The Right Direction

What Is a Stair Lift?

Stairs could be one of the absolute most hard and treacherous places in your home. Fortunately, there are actually options that can easily allow your loved one or you to remain at home as well as be self-supporting for longer and also a stair lift could be a good help for individuals experiencing range of motion concerns, those using a walker or individuals in a wheelchair
And so, what actually is a stair lift? A stair lift is a practical piece of equipment that can assist you to be mobile as well as it carries you down and up the staircases, allowing you to move about in your home with ease and also engage in tasks that you would certainly be unable to undertake normally.
A stair lift is in a nutshell a mechanized seat that helps to lift you up and down the staircases. A track or rail is usually mounted to the staircase treads as well as a chair or a hauling system is affixed to the track. In New Haven County, you are able to get on the chair or the platform as well as the chair slides along the path enabling you move up and down the stairs. You similarly have designs wherein you can use your wheelchair on the stair lift and also these are called platform lifts.

Benefits of Stair Lifts

Stair Lifts are actually a large support to the senior citizens and individuals by having mobility problems who consider it a problem to use the stairs in their home. Getting a stair lift in your home can have a great deal of benefits:



When mobility and also walking around a home with staircases comes to be a problem for senior citizens and people with handicaps, they are frequently dealt with the choice of moving. That being said, with a stair lift, you can continue to be in the house. A stair lift can offer you independence to move around in your house as well as move up and down the stairs quite effortlessly as well as obstacle-free.



A stair lift provides automated transportation down and up the staircases. The chair of the stair lift has a seat belt that ensures that you are safe when the stair lift is in action. Today, a lot of stair lifts have integrated safety functions that will definitely prevent its operation in case it experiences an obstruction on the stairs or if any type of component of the stair lift such as the chair, armrests or foot rest is actually not in its right position. The stair lifts also are equipped alongside a protection fixture that protects against any kind of unintentional usage or little ones coming from operating the chair.



Normally, the chair of the stair lift comes with a changeable as well as cushioned seat as well as armrests that ensure max support. You can likewise adjust the footrest depending on to your height.


Staircase Accessibility

A lot of stair lifts offer rather slim profiles and also do not clog the whole stairs, which is freely reachable. Generally, the chair, in addition to the foot rest are collapsible to ensure that it is not an obstruction for family and other people wanting to operate the stairs.



Stair Lifts are quite easy to use and even handle. The majority of stair lifts have a toggle button situated on the armrest of the chair that permits you to handle it. Now a days, numerous stair lift versions are actually equipped with a remote that permits you to manage it really easily and moves the stair lift to the top or the bottom of the stairs as needed. When the stair lift is in the park position, it charges, to make sure that you are able to use it whenever you need to and also in the event there is a electricity outage, the stair lift commonly has an inbuilt battery back-up that allows you to handle it.

Who Uses a Stair Lift?

In the U.S., 1 in 4 adults who are 65 years and above suffers a fall every year and according to the CDC (Center for Disease Control), falls is a leading cause of injuries in the elderly. Stairs in the house can be a huge risk for people with mobility problems, especially those in New Haven County

Stair Lifts are mainly used by and also are a very good assistance for:

  1. Growing old in place senior citizens
  2. People having walking and movability issues. those using a wheel rollator or in a wheelchair
  3. People with a health issue
  4. People having a sports impairment
  5. Individuals with balance concerns
  6. Those with leg and back problems

Types of Stair Lifts

There are various sorts of stair lifts including:

Stair Lifts for Straight Stairs

If your home features straight stairs, then a stair lift which manages along a straight track or rail is the most common sort of stair lift. These either have drop-down or perhaps set seats that are simply connected. The installment of a stair lift for a straight stairs might come to be a challenge if the stairs are far too thin. In case your stairs is primarily straight but it has a curve up on top, then you can easily pick a straight stair lift along with a joining system that serves to help the lift to get to the landing a lot better. Generally, straight stair lifts are the least costly and simplest to setup.

Stair Lifts for Curved Stairs

If your stairs are actually curved, then you need to attach a curved stair lift. Those are much more complex compared to straight stair lifts as well as they need rounded trackways to accommodate the precise form of the stairs. Normally, curved stair lifts are even more costly.

Standing Stair Lifts

If your staircase is particularly very narrow and it will not fit a seated stair lift, then a standing stair lift is generally recommended. Having said that, you have to ensure that you have sufficient space in the staircase andthat it is high enough to fit you when you are standing up. Standing stair lifts are particularly helpful for persons having challenges moving their knees. Some standing stair lift designs similarly come with a small ledge that enables you to retain your balance. Even so, standing stair lift might not be suited for everyone, especially if you do not have the strength to stand for a number of minutes or even if you are predisposed to getting dizzy.

Wheelchair and Platform Stair Lifts

Wheelchair inclined platform wheelchair lift or “IPL” Is a lift that is attached to your stairs. It moves mobility devices up and down the stairs in lieu of a detached machine like an elevator or a vertical stairlift. Some platforms may fold against the wall, while others stay fixed. Selections depend on your wants and also your house. Most inclined platform lifts have the selection for a remote to call for the platform to the landing area/position of their preference. Inclined platform lifts involve ample head clearance, stairs width, and landing room at the bottom of the stairs.
Incline wheelchair lifts are a good choice for those who do not like to move on and off their wheelchair in order to go up and down the stairs. It is a good way to enhance accessibility around stairs. This is an ideal choice for people that do not have the room for or the resources for an elevator or a vertical platform lift in their home.

  • Allows an individual in a mobility device to get up and descend stairways without needing to move from mobility device or mobility scooter
  • ¬†Utilizes a system that flights backwards and forwards the stairs
  • For both interior and also outside
  • Folds up away while not in use
  • Has safety stop indicators & battery back-up

Both are reliable and also secure for wheelchairs as well as people.

Outdoor Or Exterior Stair Lifts

These kinds of stair lifts are commonly put in outside on steps that lead to your main door or on steps going to your back yard or even patio. Outside stair lifts are essentially the same as straight or curved stair lifts that are used inside your home; but, these are commonly made from weather-proof building materials.

Cost of Stair Lifts in the New Haven, Connecticut and the United States

Stair lifts are highly personalized and customized according to your needs and the sort of stairs in your home, consequently the rates vary significantly. Having said that, the price of base units in the 06501 area begins with about $3,000-$5,000. And, there are a number of factors that influence this base pricing such as the size of the track involved, if the stairs is bent, an electric motor upgrade, seat upgrade, folding chair and foot pedal, swivel seating and also type of energy.


“I am 70 years old living in New Haven, Connecticut and I stopped working 5 years back. Twenty five years back, I built my property, and I live in a town that is surrounded by close friends and relatives. A number of years back, I was diagnosed with joint disease and began dealing with leg pain, that made it quite challenging to maneuver the staircases in my home. A year back, I had a tumble and experienced a disjointed hip bone, which made climbing up and down the staircases lots more challenging.

My relatives encouraged me to relocate to a house that does not contain stairs, but I preferred to live in the house that I created and shared a lot of beloved memories with my late wife and children, and really did not want to have to relocate, when my doctor advised that I put in a stair lift in my house.

I had a stair lift put in and I can not just stop mentioning how wonderful it is. I can now simply just rest on the stair lift and move up and down the stairs in my house how many ever times I want. I am very happy that I can get around my home on my own without any pain.”

Moving Seniors In The Right Direction